About Rosé Mansion


Rosé Mansion is a

Wine Bar


Amusement Park


Museum of Science for Wine


We Believe in Making Magic

Having spent over a decade in the wine industry we knew Rosé was more than just a trend. In fact, this magical pink wine is an incredible vehicle for storytelling; from history to science, politics to economics, to food and culture. Rosé also has a long and unique story to share.

We have always believed that learning about wine could be and should be fun. We also believe you can do anything you set your mind to.

So in 2018 we dreamed up Rosé Mansion! We’re not a big corporation or agency and we aren’t backed by big brands or sponsors. We did this the old fashioned way, by maxing out our credit cards, calling in favors, and bringing in all of our friends to help. Together, we built a space for you to come play and learn!

At Rosé Mansion we are trying to create joy and happiness. We want you to play and have fun all while learning about this awesome pink drink!

We Believe in Teamwork

A bit more about our team, it’s not some huge corporation or ad agency that throws Rosé Mansion. There are a dozen or so of us in HQ who create, build, and run Rosé Mansion. Our founders have been working together for over a decade, throwing some of the largest and most epic wine events in the US.

Tyler grew up throwing rock concerts in his backyard during high school then cut his teeth writing a wine column for a Boston weekly print publication. He has since flow all over the world to kick it with winemakers, judge wine competitions, and speak at trade events. In 2013 he landed on the cover of Wine Enthusiast Magazine for their inaugural 40 Under 40 issue.

Morgan grew-up obsessed with colors and used a record number of spot color Pantone’s in on her Senior Year yearbook where she was Editor in Chief, then went on to run several companies focused on helping people explore their city, expand their wine knowledge and have fun with friends! Morgan was recently name design:retail’s 40 Under 40 and was featured in the Inc Magazine 30 under 30 with Tyler.

Follow @tylerballiet and @morgan1st on Instagram to get the behind the scenes action on how they create, build, and celebrate.

Morgan First and Tyler Balliet living their best lives.

Morgan First and Tyler Balliet living their best lives.

Rosé Mansion Artists

Artist  Heather Rios
Artist  Jacob Fisher
RoséLand Murals by artist  Annica Lydenberg

RoséLand Murals by artist Annica Lydenberg

Artist  Natasha Platt